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Tyler Jacobson

Developmental/Line Editor, Writing Coach, & Academic Writer

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15-40 hours

hourly rate:  $65

Tyler Jacobson is a ghostwriter, copyeditor, and writing coach based in Los Angeles. Trained in the Cultural Studies program at Claremont Graduate University, he prides himself on versatile, interdisciplinary writing. Previous projects have included supporting a dissertation on cosplay and identity, workshopping a conference presentation on the role of compassion in medical ethics, and critiquing the influence of genre expectations on scholarly production. No matter the topic, Tyler is able to get to the heart of a writer’s vision and ensure that their message is communicated clearly. He also carries a special love for projects that push disciplinary boundaries. When not writing, Tyler is also an accomplished acrobat, contortionist, pianist, and model. He is eager to help you express your own passions!


coaching session - 30 min


featured portfolio items


Loops of Abstraction: Contextualizing Gay History and Historiography

Gay experiences are having a moment. From the formalization of queer studies within academia, increasing representation within media, and political successes such as the legalization of same-sex marriage, the gay identity has emerged into common public knowledge in the twenty-first century. But what exactly does it mean to be gay? Depending on who is asked, responses will vary in intensity, however it appears...


Hashtags Against The Hydra: Challenges of Virality for Digital Resistance under Late Capitalism

As social activism has come to face the challenges of the postmodern world, digital natives have developed novel forms of resistance to oppression. Social media platforms have enabled new forms of connectivity, consequently facilitating new modes of activism. The primary advantage of digital activism has been liberation from the constraints of location—resources and interest can now be mobilized and channelled faster...


Overdetermined Accumulations: Towards an Understanding of the Power of Creative Writing

Within the social sciences and humanities, the preferred unit of evaluation is the capacity of a project to provoke demonstrable behavioral change that is also traceable through a line of causality. In simpler words, research projects and interventions are most valuable when it can be shown that they change minds. For most purposes, this deterministic framework proves to be conveniently practical. However, as shown above with matsutake...