Get a Unique Bio for You or Your Company

A good bio is your first impression: you have a matter of seconds to communicate who you are and what you do better than anywhere else in the world.


Get help from an expert writer who understands the different forms bios take: whether that's researching keywords in your niche for a LinkedIn bio or adding just the right amount of humor to your dating profile, we're here to help.


Once you complete your purchase, we'll send you a short bio survey to collect all the info we need to write you bio. 


Then, we'll send you your first draft within three business days. After you review and send us notes, we'll turnaround any revisions or changes and have your final draft back to you after two additional business days. 


Our flat fee includes the first draft, rewrite, and both a short version and a long version of your bio so that you have the versatility you need to put your best foot forward everywhere on the web.

Get a Unique Bio for You or Your Company