Blog Post | Between 500-1,000 Words with SEO

Your blog is your best marketing tool. If you want consistent, organic search traffic to your website, a well-written blog is a must. 


Because our writers have backgrounds in entertainment and creative writing, our blogs stand out from the crowd, and great writing leads to more engaged readers and higher conversion rates.


Here's how it works once you check out with this item:


  • We'll send you a simple survey to fill out so you can share with us what topic, keywords, and existing 
  • Then, one of our writers will be assigned to write your blog post with a wordcount between 500-1,000 words. Feel free to request a specific writer, and we'll assign that writer (pending availability.) 
  • The writer will turn in a rough draft for you to give feedback on. The writer will then do one (1) round of revisions based on your notes.
  • After addressing your notes, they'll turn in the final blog post. 


Are you ready to take your content to the next level?