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Change Up Your Screenwriting—Podcast and Memoir Writing


Cheryl Laughlin interviews multi-hyphenate, award-winning thriller writer Amy Suto of Kingdom of Ink—on writing for podcasts, memoirs, and Hollywood 2.0.

Sometimes you just need a different way to flex your screenwriting skills. As it happens, the storytelling talents for features, shorts, TV or web series match up nicely with the writing structures of podcasts and memoirs. Character arcs… callbacks… payoffs… they all guide storytelling, no matter the format.

Plus, podcast and memoir writing can expand your portfolio and personal brand to get you noticed. But how do you make the pivot?


How Screenwriters Can Find Freedom in Freelancing


It was 2pm on a Wednesday and I was sitting in a sunny cafe in Paris writing a book profiling a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. I’m a ghostwriter, and as far as workweeks go, this was definitely one of the highlights. The following week, I would be in Berlin writing an article about a photographer and helping a friend with his startup, and then next month I would be back in the US, flying out to see another client at their family reunion that I’d be profiling for another book I was in the middle of. I’m not gonna lie — I was enjoying the jet-setting, office-less world I had created for myself, and it’s been my mission ever since to help others achieve the same thing.