What Writing a Book Does for Your Business

written by Amy Suto

I've worked with a lot of business coaches and experts in their field who needed support in writing a book in their area of expertise. It doesn't matter if you're a developmental therapist or if you're an artist selling candles that smell like popcorn on Etsy, everyone can benefit from writing a book about what they're the best in the world at.

I say this as someone who wrote a book about my experience ghostwriting, it's called "Find Freedom in Freelancing" and details how I got started as a memoir ghostwriter. My book has been a way to spark conversations, meet new clients, and also to show how I'm an expert in what I do and the way I approach my work.

My book has been a tool to market my services, but I also give copies away for free when I speak at universities like NYU, because I believe in the importance of sharing our knowledge with others.

Writing a book can kickstart your business in other ways, too.

Writing a Book Cements Your Expertise

How do other people know you're the best in the world at something?

You have to show them.

Experts show their work both in the results generated in their business, and also through sharing their ideas and philosophies. There's plenty of different mediums from blogs to podcasts to share your ideas, but books are still the most respected form for this sort of thing. Can you name a successful entrepreneur or artist you admire who doesn't have a book out in the world? Probably not.

You've lived a life full of experiences that can help other people. Sharing those in the form of a book can help capture the nuance of your unique perspective in a way that shorter forms can't capture.

Sharing Your Story Helps Potential Customers, Clients, and Collaborators Find You

The more touchpoints you have out in the world, the more likely you are to find your business "soulmates": your ideal customers, clients, and collaborators.

I've maintained my blog at AmySuto.com since I was sixteen, and I've had so many incredible people find me through what I was writing about. The value I've gotten from my blog is incalculable: it's gotten me incredible clients and jobs and has been a way for me to meet lovely humans I wouldn't have met otherwise.

Publishing anything -- whether it's a book or an article -- gives you a better chance to meet people in all sorts of places, whether that's online or on a bookshelf. When someone picks up your book, they're meeting you and your ideas. You're able to scale yourself on a level you couldn't have otherwise, which allows you to connect to more people through your words.

The people you're looking for are out there -- they just need avenues in which to find you.

How to Hire a Ghostwriter to Write Your Book

If you're reading this article, you probably know a thing or two about what we do here at Kingdom of Ink.

If you're looking to hire a freelancer to help you write your book, browse our incredible list of writers.

Isn't it time you introduce yourself to the world?


Amy Suto is the co-founder of Kingdom of Ink and a writer of many things. She believes in the artistry of her work, whether she's writing for TV or crafting a memoir for one of her ghostwriting clients. She created Kingdom of Ink with her partner Kyle Cords to reimagine the working relationship between high-end artisan writers and the creative clients they serve. She spends her free time reading in cozy spaces, taking or teaching yoga classes, and writing her own fiction. She maintains a blog at AmySuto.com.

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