What is an Academic Writing Coach?

Written by Jasmin Romero

A mentor, guide, confidant -- an academic writing coach is all of these and more.

An academic writing coach is a professional writer that can help elevate your work and bring it to life.

Whether you're turning your dissertation into a book or are polishing up a journal article, a writing coach knows how to take your ideas to the next level.

Academic coaches help clients achieve a clear writing structure and serve as a second pair of eyes. Clients hire coaches and ghostwriters to edit, proofread, and get creative juices flowing. If you want to become a better writer, coaches are available to help you implement the best practices and ensure your writing is cohesive and compelling.

A writing coach serves as your guide through your writing journey, so you don't have to do it alone.

It's Okay to Ask for Help

Hiring an academic writing coach means less writing work and more research and development time.

Getting caught up in the structure, form, and content of your research can leave you with writer's block. You have spent precious time researching your field, and now you're being asked to boil it down to a few pages.

It can be hard to let go, and you may feel compelled to lay out all that you have learned. However, it's necessary to write simply and clearly to reach a greater audience.

An academic writer can help bridge the gap between academia and the consumer. According to SAGE Journals, jargon is a barrier to effective communication. The overuse of jargon --which can be defined as special words or expressions used in a particular profession -- decreases the reader's ability to understand the information they're reading and leads to resistance in persuasion.

With a writing coach, you can focus on the research and not worry about articulating yourself in a way that will be accessible to the public.

Formulating compelling work requires a deep understanding of your audience, which includes how they process information, and what kind of story tugs at their heartstrings. Coaches understand the inner workings of their client's minds and what their readers desire. Creativity and psychology are some of the tools used for the strongest emotional impact.

So why not save time, work, and stress by hiring an academic writing coach?

More Than Just a Coach

Does the thought of writing make you want to pull your hair out? Our academic writing coaches can save you from hair loss without anyone else having to know about it. With every job, our ghostwriters sign a non-disclosure agreement. An NDA ensures all written work and ideas belong to you.

Our writing coaches are happy to edit, proofread, research, and format your work. We're here to help you improve your writing, publish your knowledge, and even turn your dissertations into a non-fiction book.

The perfect match between clients and academic writers is created by taking into account: interests, experience, availability, and rate. We care about your work and believe an academic writing coach should understand your goals. Our coaches are excited to get your expertise out into the world!


Jasmin Romero is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles. She has used investigative skills obtained at USC to profile Olympians, award-winning chefs, and hard-working community members. Jasmin has written for multiple online publications, lifestyle blogs, and short films. She believes honesty and compassion are key in capturing compelling stories.


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