SEO Witchcraft: How To Get Your Blog On the First Page of Google in 5 Steps

by Jasmin Romero

Say SEO in front of a mirror three times, and the Google god will appear to grant you a wish.

Perfecting search engine optimization (SEO) may feel like conjuring a magic spell: Google changes its algorithm of top rules, words, and techniques daily. It’s a hard set of spells to keep up with, but I’m here to give you some long-lasting ingredients for your SEO cauldron.

Let’s start with the foundation of search engine optimization: a blog.

How Do Blogs Help SEO?

Blog posts are the easiest way to implement SEO, making them the best free marketing tool for your business. A blog can be whatever you want it to be. Defined simply, a blog is a regularly updated webpage with posts that are written in a conversational style.

For example: if you run a website that sells potions, your blog can educate your reader on different types of ingredients in your potions, or which one of your potions will be most effective for turning their enemies into frogs. That way, you can include calls to actions (CTA's) at the end of each blog post that will turn readers into customers, sharing which products they should buy to solve their problems.

Stuck on how to approach coming up with new blog post content? Ask yourself these questions:

Who are you? Whether you run the show or have a whole team behind you, your customers want to put a face to the name. We want to do business with someone we feel like we can trust. The more transparent you are about your background and interests, the easier it will be for potential clients to connect with you.

Why should clients buy your potions and ancient spells? If you went to the ends of the earth to steal the dead sea scrolls and found ancient words of wisdom written on the back, that's probably a valuable experience your customers want to know about. Your experience and who you are can help shed light on why you run the business the way you do.

What service do you provide? Get into the nitty-gritty details of the magic of your services or products. Explain what you or your company does, how someone could use your products or services, and what consumers can expect from purchasing.

Your blog is a great place to share updates on your potions and any new creations you've got coming up, and you can even share some behind the scenes of you coming up with your new batch of brews.

Where is your business located? Are you on Shopify? Or a website with another e-commerce integration? Or do you have a brick-and-mortar location?

Make sure your blog has links to any relevant product pages, tours of any in-person shops or secret alleyways so that your customers know exactly where they can experience your product.

Why should I choose your service? If you‘re going to answer any question at all on your blog, this may be the most important. Tell us why you're different than the rest. Clients are interested in your values and mission statement. It's hard to stand out among the crowd, and this answer may push you to the forefront.

This is also a great way to flex your expertise through sharing what you know: do you source all of your Blackthorne and Feveroot from farm-to-table? What's the difference in the spell potency with organic materials? Your knowledge about your business is your unfair advantage, so go ahead and flaunt it!

How does your business run? This can be your chance to provide clients with behind-the-scenes info. We all want to be "in the know." You can tell us about your ethical business model, explain how packaging is created, or even give us a tour of your warehouse.

If you sell potions, what experience do you have making them? What got you into creating magical gifts to other people so they can transform into mystical creatures with one drop of your Hair of the Unicorn potion?

SEO: The Magic Formula to Get Ranked on Google

These 5 ingredients will help you conjure up some Google magic and get you ranked on the first page in no time:

1. Stir Up Engagement

Create content that is relevant, engaging, and easy to read. On average, half of the visitors that land on your webpage will spend no more than 15 seconds deciding whether they want to stay.

That's why it's critical to hook your audience early with content you know they want to see. The 5 questions listed above are a great place to start but don't be afraid to dig a little deeper.

Answer The Public is a noteworthy website for researching the kind of content your target audience is searching for on Google. This tool helps you find hundreds of questions users are looking for specific to your keyword, and the exact number of people searching for it.