New Ghostwriters, Subscriptions, & Offerings to Help You Hire the Right Writer for Your Project

We don't post a ton of updates here on our blog, but I thought I'd hop on here and share some updates from the Ink team. We've got some great new changes on our platform to help you solve your ghostwriting and copywriting needs, and I'd love to share those with you!

New Writing Service Subscription Offerings

We're rolling out two monthly subscription offerings for our writing services. The first is our service for individuals and small businesses, which begins at $5,000 per month, and our enterprise solutions, which begin at $25,000 per month.

Great writing and storytelling is at the core of everything. We've heard from our clients that projects are often evolving and it's hard to nail down a full month's worth of needs. Things come up and change rapidly, and you should have the writing support to stay ahead of the creative curve.

Our subscriptions offer flexibility: you can cancel your subscription anytime before the first of the new month, and if you need multiple writers or a different writer on the project, you can change your writing team to get the perfect fit.

With this model, we're able to help you scale your startup, write that memoir, or get the copywriting support you need so you can focus on what matters.

How We Find the Top 0.97% of Freelance Writers

Our acceptance rate of new writers hovers around 0.97% of the thousands of applications we receive. We source writers from our relationships in different entertainment industries as well as from top writing universities.

This small acceptance rate is a testament to our rigorous application process: writers must pass through several stages of test tasks and interviews before they're invited to join our ranks. We also frequently check in with clients to make sure their writers are delivering great work.

Another reason why we're able to work with and retain top talent is through our mutual aid model. We share profits with our writers, and a percentage of every contract is equally redistributed back into the collective. So, by hiring a writer with us, you're supporting our mission to provide more equality and security to all of our freelancers.

You can also rest assured that you're working with the best of the best. Experts elevate your words and your mission: amateurs cost more in time, missed opportunities, and subpar work.

On the Horizon for Kingdom of Ink

We've been thrilled by all of our client feedback lately. Our writers have been hard at work writing for some incredible companies and individuals, and we're grateful to be working with all of you.

Right now, we're continuing to get the word out about what we're up to thanks to some wonderful reporters and happy clients sharing our services to others. You can also follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop of what we're up to.

More soon!



Amy Suto is the co-founder of Kingdom of Ink and a writer of many things. She believes in the artistry of her work, whether she's writing for TV or crafting a memoir for one of her ghostwriting clients. She created Kingdom of Ink with her partner Kyle Cords to reimagine the working relationship between high-end artisan writers and the creative clients they serve. She spends her free time reading in cozy spaces, taking or teaching yoga classes, and writing her own fiction. She maintains a blog at


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