Kingdom of Ink: Our Foundations in Ethical Entrepreneurship & Mutual Aid

written by Amy Suto

Welcome to Kingdom of Ink!

We're a collective of high-end freelance writers and your new secret weapon. We specialize in matching companies to their ghostwriting soulmates, and we also can take care of all your content logistics so that you can save time and do more with an arsenal of skilled writers at your disposal.

In this post, I'll share more about our core values and the foundation of this company and why we created it the way we did.

Kingdom of Ink is Built on Concepts of Community, Mutual Aid, and Ethical Entrepreneurship

When Kyle Cords and I founded Kingdom of Ink, Kyle had already been testing mutual aid models in The Orphanage Collective, his reimagined version of a management company in Hollywood.

This led to our innovative model of having 5% of every contract turn into cash payments that are equally redistributed to every freelance writer in our collective in the form of our own mutual aid. This helps to give freelance writers a kind of safety net they've never had before, even if their projects dry up or they need personal time off.

By working with us, you're contributing to this unique model and supporting all of our freelance writers, not just the writer you're hiring.

For Kingdom of Ink, we knew that we wanted to create a space that was an antidote to the way freelance writers currently operated. Instead of lone wolves wandering the planes, we knew freelance writers wanted true community and also a communal safety net.

Everything Kyle and I care about stems from our research on co-ops, B-corps, and different community structures.

We also learned what we didn't want from our time working in Hollywood. We saw how unfulfilled so many writers at every rung of the ladder were, and we knew we wanted to create a better ecosystem for writers. That's what we call our "Hollywood 2.0": our collection of companies that reimagine the way that writers and creatives live and work.

When we talk about ethical entrepreneurship, we mean that we put a lot of emphasis on paying our employees and freelancers fair wages and have other practices that support our vision of a better world.

We believe that all entrepreneurs can operate ethically while still keeping standards and services as a high level of quality.

Improving Remote Work for all Entrepreneurs

I'm writing these words from a sunny greenhouse in an abandoned-orphanage-turned-Airbnb in the middle of Galena, IL. Later this year, Kyle and I are planning to work remotely from places like Prague, Istanbul, Mykonos, and cities in New Zealand.

Remote work is the future, and the future is here.

In our businesses, we rely on freelancers to help us accomplish everything on our plates, from designing our websites to editing our podcasts.

Excellent writers are a critical component of all businesses: you need great writers to execute everything from your website copy to your blog posts to your email newsletters.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to save time and do more, hiring high-impact freelancers is the best way to get things done. Leave details at our contact form below about your projects, and we'll share more about what our freelancers are up to!

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