How to Write A Great Professional Bio for LinkedIn, Instagram, or Your Website.

Written by Jasmin Romero

Your bio is your handshake, your first impression. That written blurb has the power to establish your brand presence and mission statement. For most, it is the first point of contact with your business. A bio that lacks personality and detail can steer customers away, costing you precious opportunities.

Achieving a compelling bio requires the perfect combination of confidence, creativity, and awareness. If you've been asking yourself how to write a professional bio, you've come to the right place. We've broken down the best elements that go into creating a memorable bio.

5 Elements To Include In Your Bio

  1. Your Name Start with the basics. Your full name should in the opening sentence, and ideally, be the first thing anyone reads. Remember, this introduction is about you. According to The Cut, the only way to remember someone's name is to rehearse it while it's still fresh in your short-term memory. Sprinkle your name throughout your bio to enhance memorization.

  2. A Headshot Do you ever find yourself recognizing somebody's face but forgetting their name? It's a common phenomenon, and while there isn't scientific evidence that proves faces are easier to remember than names, they are more tangible. Visuals are easier for most individuals to process and remember. In turn, adding a photo to your bio will help potential clients remember who you are. We suggest taking the time to have your picture taken by a professional who can help capture the essence of your brand.

  3. Important Milestones This is the time to brag about all the work you've done to get you where you are. Show us what it is that makes you a professional. You can list all the awards you've received, and it doesn't have to stop there. Have you taken any classes or undergone training specific to your field? Maybe you just partnered with your dream brand -- let your audience know what you've accomplished.

  4. Fun Hobbies Don't just be all buttoned-up and formal in your bio: this isn't a time to sound like a robot. Remind people you're human and share some of your interests and hobbies outside of work. Adding fun hobbies and interests to their bio can help you connect with people. This will add conversation starters for meetings and round out your bio in a holistic way.

  5. Link to Your Website A compelling bio will leave individuals wanting to know more about you and your work. Almost all social media apps give you the option to imbed links into your bio. Use this opportunity to lead clients to your current project or business front. This is a great way to promote your work and create action.

4 Tips To Make Your Bio Stand Out

  1. Get Specific: What Sets You Apart? You have likely achieved unique professional goals no one else has accomplished. Whether it's your mindset, specific education you received, or even where you grew up -- adding special details about what you do and why you do it will help you stand out from the crowd.

  2. Let Your Personality Shine Your bio is different than your resume or cover letter. You don't have to follow a strict structure, or even use any fancy words, if that's not what your brand is about. Think about who your audience is and what kind of clients or collaborators you want to attract. Add some flavor by adding some witty lines or referencing pop culture while still being conscious of your intended goal.

  3. Understand Your Platform All platforms have their own unique features and advantages. The tone used on Instagram may be more playful than one used on LinkedIn. For both platforms, utilizing hashtags and keywords is important to include in your bio to help people find you. With certain social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, you have to be conscious of word limits. Therefore, a bio written for certain social media platforms may not be the same one you use for your website. Uniquely reinventing your bio can prove to be challenging. A freelance writer can help you with each bio, and showcase your creativity in different ways.

  4. Stay True to Yourself Listen to what speaks to you. Don't try and fit into a mold you don't stand for or believe in. Just because every other brand or artist is saying it, doesn't mean you have to. In fact, most people know when you're faking it or trying too hard, and will turn away. An article published by Marketing Week explains, "today’s consumers are really savvy and don’t want to be sold to, so if people are willing to associate with your brand, they expect honest engagement in return." Be authentic in your written presentation of who you are.

Kingdom of Ink Is Here to Help

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Based on your intended audience and business goals, we can make sure the right tone and language are implemented into your bio to achieve maximum impact. A strong professional bio can help your business bloom and create a solid foundation for your brand. Why hold off on sharing your story with the world? Get started on creating a powerful bio with one of our writers today.


Jasmin Romero is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles. She has used investigative skills obtained at USC to profile Olympians, award-winning chefs, and hard-working community members. Jasmin has written for multiple online publications, lifestyle blogs, and short films. She believes honesty and compassion are key in capturing compelling stories.


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