How to Make Money as a Professional Writer After Graduation

Written by Jasmin Romero

You’ve just graduated! Congrats. Now the job hunt truly begins. If your journey has been anything like mine, then you’re currently asking yourself “can I turn my blogging into a professional career?” or more specifically, “is it possible to write for a living and still have financial and personal freedom?” The answer: yes and yes. Before I show you how to let’s start by answering a pivotal question.

How Do I Know if Freelance Writing Is Right For Me?

  1. You know how to work remotely. Remote work is wonderful if you know how to use your time effectively. While I was an undergrad, my classmates and I would all joke that working as a writer would mean waiting until the last second to get started on an assignment. Writing came easy to most of us, and we all thrived off the pressure of a deadline. While being a professional procrastinator in college might have been okay, I would not recommend testing it out with your first writing job. A missed deadline can result in a terminated contract. As a freelance content writer, you are the creator of your own routine, schedule, and workflow. You don’t have a check-in time, clock-out button, or professor reminding you to finish your assignment. For a successful writing foundation, it’s extremely important to have a space you feel comfortable working in and a sustainable work routine.

  2. You’re comfortable with research and independent learning. A successful freelance writer is like a chameleon, constantly transforming their voice and style to best fit the story they’re telling. It can be hard, at first, to write about a topic you’ve never heard of before, or in a style, you thought you hated. The more time you spend brushing up on different writing styles and techniques, the easier it will be to blend into the writing world. With all writing jobs, you are responsible for learning how to best communicate a story. When starting out, quick yet effective research is crucial. Stay on top of every assignment by taking the time to learn about who you’re working for, and what they’re asking you to write about.

  3. You value communication. Learning how to communicate properly is necessary for all aspects of your writing career. Understanding what your writing goals are and expressing those to your employer will help get you where you need to be. In the freelance world, good communication also requires efficiently managing your time and schedule and knowing how to be your own boss. Additionally, strong communication also is extremely necessary when writing. An effective writer is one that knows how to engage an audience.

  4. You’re motivated to write. Your first writing job might look different than what you imagine, but patience will get you where you want to be. We all have to start somewhere, and writing about storage units might be where your writing career begins. As a freelance writer, building your portfolio is one of the best things you can do for your future. No matter the topic or style, the more experience you have, the closer you’ll be to landing your dream gig. Enjoy each writing opportunity as they come, and learn all that you can from them. You may even find a passion for a writing style you never thought of trying out.

How Do I Start Making Money As a Writer?

Start by doing what you do best: write. Write for fun, write something you’ve never written before, write about why you want to write. The more experience you have, the more opportunities you’ll receive and the higher the pay will be. A misconception about freelance writing is that the pay is low and the opportunities are scarce. The truth is, if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone, the opportunities are endless. You can have the financial and personal freedom you’ve always dreamed of with a professional writing career.

To help you get a better idea of your choices, here are a few different freelance writing niches that turn your dreams into a reality.

Ghostwriting is a great choice for writers who prefer to stay under the radar. Writers remain uncredited and have the opportunity to share the stories of unique individuals. Ghostwriters can assist on short form pieces like articles and speeches, as well as long-from work like biographies. If you enjoy connecting with new people and understanding how they communicate, ghostwriting may be the perfect writing job for you.

Blog Writing is great for aspiring writers that enjoy learning about different topics and know how to attract an audience. Blog writers are essential for most, if not all, businesses and brands. Blog writing is a fun opportunity to help a brand expand, and work on your portfolio. Copywriting is perfect for writers that enjoy influencing others to take action. As a form of marketing, writers will be tasked to advertise products and raise brand awareness. Cultivating a strong writing presence in the copywriting world can lead to limitless opportunities. Academic Writing is a good choice for writers that find joy in teaching and providing direction. As the name implies, academic writers are focused in the field of academia, and work closely with students and professors. Writers help all kinds of scholars formulate and structure their research and goals.

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Jasmin Romero is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles. She has used investigative skills obtained at USC to profile Olympians, award-winning chefs, and hard-working community members. Jasmin has written for multiple online publications, lifestyle blogs, and short films. She believes honesty and compassion are key in capturing compelling stories.


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