How to Hire Freelance Content Writers for Your Small Business

Written by Jasmin Romero

Imagine a healthy relationship. Perhaps it's one you’re currently in -- with yourself, your partner, or a close friend. What kind of work went into creating that sustainable dynamic? What kind of time and energy was involved?

Hiring the perfect freelance writer for your business should be similar to finding a life partner, with a lot less commitment. Finding a healthy working relationship can help balance your life, and hiring a freelance writer can help balance your small business and lead it to success.

Content writers help build your brand and communicate your message. So how do you find the right freelance writer for you?

Think about what a balanced relationship includes. In my experience, a good foundation is rooted in understanding, honesty, respect, and trust.

  1. Start by understanding what your business needs. Ask yourself how the content writer will fit into the rest of your business. Do you have a marketing plan? You should know who your target audience is, and what kind of content they’re looking for. Understanding the kind of content you need, will help you find the best freelance writer for your business. For example: if you have a small business that is centered around fitness and health for working parents, then you might want to hire a freelance writer that has experience in the fitness world or someone who can relate to the life of a parent. At the very least, a writer should know how to search the web for what they need. Ultimately, a hired writer should amplify your business, and attract potential customers.

  2. Do the research. Look over the playing field and the kind of content your competition creating. Decide what kind of information is new and genuine to your brand. Ask yourself what type of freelance writer you need to best share your story. There are writers available at all levels for any kind of content. A high-end business requires the help of a high-quality writer. Browse the internet, or better yet, take a look at our freelance writers to get a feel for what our rates and services are. Do you look over someone's social media accounts before you commit to spending time with them, or do you jump right in? Feel free to google our writers and look over their portfolios. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for samples of their work. Researching your freelance writer will help you in the long run.

  3. Be honest with your expectations. Creating detailed guidelines that provide a clear outline is important. Similar to expressing your boundaries and needs to a friend, communicating your goals to a freelance writer will help you achieve the results your business deserves. This also includes being realistic with your budget. You want to grow your business, but do you have the resources to make that happen? Hiring an experienced freelance writer isn't cheap. You get what you pay for, and spending more on a writer can get you closer to being stress-free. Like any relationship, quality matters, and you have to be willing to spend the energy for it. In the long run, spending more on a high-quality writer will save you time. Think about how you want your business to be represented, and who can make that happen for you.

  4. Respect the process. Be respectful in your search for a freelance writer. We're all human with other responsibilities. Avoid reaching out to content writers until you're clear on what you want. Rushing in too fast can lead to wasted time and confusion for both parties. Once you're ready to send a few inquiries, understand that freelance writers don't work for free. Time is precious. Would you ask a therapist to waive their fees because you wanted to "try" them out? If you did, they'd probably say no. Instead, ask them to join you on a short call. This is where you can feel the energy and see if you're both on the same page. Thoroughly explain your business, why it matters, and what you're looking for. The perfect freelance writer will know how to tell your story in a way that feels genuine to your business.

  5. Have faith in the content writer you choose. Let writers do what they do best. When you invest in a high-end freelance writer, like the ones here at Kingdom of Ink, you can expect to receive high-quality deliverables. . Let the partnership breathe, and give it space when necessary. Allow the writer to have creativity and freedom in their writing. Sometimes an outside view can bring a broader perspective.

Every relationship thrives off of a healthy foundation. Our freelances writers know how to work with you to get your business growing in the right direction. Are you ready to do your part? Reach out to one of our freelance writers and get started!


Jasmin Romero is a writer and journalist based in Los Angeles. She has used investigative skills obtained at USC to profile Olympians, award-winning chefs, and hard-working community members. Jasmin has written for multiple online publications, lifestyle blogs, and short films. She believes honesty and compassion are key in capturing compelling stories.


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