How a Great Copywriter Can Get Your Startup 10x Results

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While it’s true the best copy feels invisible, bad copy sticks out like a sore thumb. There’s a whole world of competition and noise out there, so how is an emerging brand supposed to plant its flag without getting lost in the static? Back in the early days of marketing, it might mean radio ads, blasting magazines with paragraph upon paragraph of testimonials with quasi-scientific claims backed by questionable endorsements from doctors, but in a modern age where attention spans are limited, it’s all about being succinct. It’s no exaggeration that if you haven’t hooked people in the first five seconds, you’ve blown your shot. You need a startup copywriter who can sneak into your target audience’s brain when they’re not looking, plant a truth bomb, and sneak out before they’ve been caught--like a wordsmith Navy SEAL.

Where do you fit into the existing playing field? How does your product or service fill a need? What did you overcome to arrive at where you are today? Once you’re on top, where are you going to keep innovation moving? 10x growth rates in startups don’t just materialize out of thin air, they’re driven by storytelling and clear communication to stick the landing in people’s hearts. While many founders and creative teams fall into the trap of thinking they can do everything themselves, the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who know when to outsource talent. Even the most skillful writers realize other avenues into a story are hard to see when you’re so close to a project, which is why they send their novels, scripts, and poetry to their editors, agents, and peers to help consider all angles of approach. What might be muddied and unclear to your existing team could be crystal clear to a startup copywriter, so why not place the task in capable hands and leave yourself more time to plan big-picture moves?

If you’re stepping out on the world’s stage, you need a smoke signal to make it clear why everyone should love you and start flocking your way. Learning what essential materials to gather for kindling starts when you hire a writer for your startup who’s helped other businesses find their feet and get running. Whether you’re in need of an explainer video to convey a complicated set of processes in a language an investor can get excited about, web copy to make your page pop like no other, or email autoresponder sequences that jump out of inboxes and demand to be read, there’s a whole world of possibility to be tapped when you place your trust in an expert.

The best startup copywriters will feel like an unspoken COO, someone who listens to everything you have to say, finds the beating heart of your business and paints a picture around it that ensures people will be dying to get in on the ground floor. These ninja storytellers can order information in a way that prompts listeners to ask questions—questions to which you have the answers, such as, “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?” and “How can I contribute to this inventive concept?” Your first great idea was your startup, your second was hiring a professional writer to make audiences wonder how they ever lived without you in their life.


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Jack Salvatore holds a degree in Writing for Screen and Television from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. He’s pitched in writers’ rooms helmed by Emmy-winning showrunners, has script-doctored for popular television shows and major motion pictures, contracts with production companies to mold concepts into marketable properties, tells people about his dreams before realizing what they say about his subconscious, and still finds time to moderate two writers’ groups in his free time. He lives in Burbank, California with his wife, Christine.