Death to Social Media: How a Killer Blog Can Grow (and Keep) Your Audience

written by Ashley Lanuza

I hate social media.

Let me correct myself— I hate promoting on social media. Ironic, right? As an author and online writer, social media should be my bread and butter because it is the simplest and most affordable way to get my word out there. Whether that be to seek out clients, grow my audience, or advance my opportunities, being able to communicate with limited characters and relevant hashtags is a must.

But social media keeps changing. When you’re the consumer, it’s exciting to see what new features the folks at Facebook-Instagram can come up with. As a strategist, however, it can be nerve-wracking. Using hashtags fall in-and-out of trend, TikTok content recycles on Facebook weeks later, and there’s no telling what algorithm Instagram is using these days. It’s freakishly unpredictable, and “becoming viral” has no meaning. Not to mention the effort put into ONE graphic and edits put into ONE line of a caption— only to be looked at for ONE flit of the eye, ONE swipe of the thumb—it is exhausting and invites burnout.

Social media is just chaos.

I can handle chaos. I’m confident that I can identify an issue and put forward an alternative ASAP because I’m scrappy that way. But is it healthy? Absolutely not. Cortisol levels (read: stress) rise to extreme amounts as I try to keep my cool, which in the long-run, can be damaging (read: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Sapolsky).

I feel the same about social media copy. Sure, I can do it, but do I love it? Well, I don’t have to love my work every single time. But do I like to do it? No. And that’s the kicker— my best work is put into the things and people I find interesting, that I genuinely like and care about. Analyzing fast-moving trends like what TikTok sound is on top or which influencer has the most drama we can quip about is at the bottom of my “things I like to do” list.

However, as a self-proclaimed digital strategist, I know how important marketing is. From the Blair Witch Project to Kris Jenners’ impeccable PR timing, there’s no doubt that copywriting is important. So where does that leave me, a storyteller who has a bad taste in her mouth when it comes to 140 characters-long advertisements?


According to, 57% of marketers gained customers through blogs. Whether hundreds or thousands of words, blogging is a fantastic tool to get into the weeds of the product or idea you’re selling. Explaining what the product is, what it can be used for, who can use it, and how, and why. You can maximize their attention by linking your blog to your other blog, to another, and then to another, and to…. you get the picture. There are more words and more content to consume, so you’re left with customers staying on your page longer and developing a curiosity to peruse your site rather than scroll down to the next.

A blog is also ideal for Google searches. Blogs use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure keywords are relevant and pop up on a consumer’s Google search. Haven’t you ever looked up, “How to best communicate with my partner?” and found yourself, credit card in hand, purchasing a Tee Turtle at 2 in the morning? No? Just me? Okay... cool…

Between the search and the purchase, I read a blog on telling my partner about how I feel at the moment and reflecting on how I can best de-escalate a situation. I realized how much better it is to verbalize my feelings, then found I need space to process it on my own. The Tee Turtle seemed to be a great (and cute) way to say, “I’m not feeling so great, I need space,” and boom—purchase made.

Blog marketing not only keeps your audience in your corner of the interwebs, but with the right SEOs and copy, you can convince them to purchase your product, or at the very least, consider it. With the right blog writer, you can find consumers, build a loyal audience, and empower your brand. Hate writing?

Lucky for you, I don’t. I offer services in Blog Ghostwriting with Kingdom of Ink. Set up a call with me and tell me about you, your brand, and your goals for both. I’ll listen intently, I’ll fall in love, and I’ll (ghost)write some killer blog copy.

And what you just read? Yeah, it’s a marketing blog.

Talk to you soon.


Ashley C. Lanuza is a writer and editor of memoirs, poems, creative fiction, and thought-provoking articles. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she developed a healthy obsession with listening to stories after numerous nights reading both fictional and nonfictional. With empathy, a keyboard, and a red pen, she loves to write and edit her way telling heartfelt narratives that ask readers to experience, act, and reflect. Ashley edits for an independent publisher, writes for the interwebs, and has published her own poetry collection. She strives to create stories that are clear and concise to effectively communicate your message to your intended audience.

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