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Pernell Quilon

Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter, & Developmental/Line Editor

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15-40 hours

hourly rate:  $65

Pernell Quilon is a copywriter, ghostwriter, and gay man based in Los Angeles. He was recently a writer/illustrator for the cult-favorite newsletter Today in Tabs—his daily cartoons were shouted out in The Atlantic. Before he peaked, he worked in creative development for unscripted series with MTV, Snapchat’s Vertical Networks, and Scout Productions (of “Queer Eye” fame). He also wrote for Brother, a millennial lifestyle brand with over 20 million Snapchat subscribers, and is a contributing author to their HarperCollins-published book How To Not Be A Dick.


Heartfelt stories with a kick are Pernell’s biggest passion. Are you looking for writing that will make your audience laugh/cry/roll in their graves? Hit him up. From his reality TV era, he learned to: get to the dark meat of every story in seconds, morph any idea into a strong pitch, and break down a C-stand in 20 seconds or less. 


When Pernell isn’t writing, he’s on Zillow looking up homes in distant cities—no reason.




featured portfolio items


California Gurl (Memoir Excerpt)

The street lights surrounding Pershing Square glimmered as I walked out of the City Year office in downtown Los Angeles that night. It was after 8 p.m. I wasn’t getting any overtime, but that did not matter to me. Leaving the office that late made me feel important. I was just like all the other people heading home from their downtown offices...


The Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex 

You’ve probably read plenty about the vagina—but what about the butt? Historically speaking anal sex has gotten the short end of the stick, but not because dudes’ dicks were smaller in the 1800s. Instead, it’s long been considered taboo—though, thanks to mainstream media, inclusive sex-ed and Nicki Minaj, attitudes have begun to shift...


Top 10 Takeaways from Memoir Writing for An Entire Year (Newsletter Excerpt)

I’ve been microdosing empathy every Wednesday for over a year thanks to a memoir writing group that I joined last April. The original class was only three weeks, but since we were still stuck at home at the end of it, we decided to keep our group going until “the pandemic ended.” Lol.  We are still meeting to this day. Here are the top 10 lessons...