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Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter, & Writing Coach

Hayley has adored memoirs ever since she read Bossypants by Tina Fey at age thirteen. She wrote her own seventy-six page memoir by the end of high school. In writing that memoir, she decided that she’d prefer to write the life story of someone who has lived through more than their high school prom. She attended the University of Chicago for creative writing and The Tisch School of the Arts for screenwriting.

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Memoir Ghostwriter, Developmental/Line Editor, & Writing Coach

Ashley has developed a healthy obsession with listening to stories, cultivated by years of reading both fictional and nonfictional. With empathy, a keyboard, and a red pen, she loves to write and edit her way to telling heartfelt stories that ask readers to experience, act, and reflect. Ashley edits for an independent publisher, writes for the interwebs, and has published her own poetry collection.

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Memoir Ghostwriter & Writing Coach

Sarah is adept at ghostwriting memoirs and has extensive experience as a writing coach. At heart, Sarah is a storyteller, and she will utilize this skill when it comes to crafting scenes that will make your memoir come to life. When coaching, Sarah ensures your vision is executed in the best way possible by helping you fine-tune your unique voice.

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Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter, & Developmental/Line Editor

Brian enjoys writing everything from technical articles to absurdist stage plays. Whether you're a small business or an inspiring individual, he seeks to use his creativity and humor to amplify your voice.  With a background in editing and dramatic writing, Brian's goal is to help you unlock the most authentic and engaging version of your story.


Memoir Ghostwriter

Amy Suto is a TV writer, published author, and memoir/nonfiction ghostwriter based in Los Angeles. She’s ghostwritten memoirs and nonfiction books for business coaches, former Olympians, Silicon Valley CEOs, and inspiring individuals all over the world. She is also co-authoring a poetry book with an organization that was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for their work in the poetry space, and writes personal essays for publications like The LA Times. In her memoir work, Amy blends her entertainment background and interview skills to get to the heart of your legacy. As a seasoned storyteller, she knows how to engage an audience and structure a book so that it can have the biggest impact. 

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