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Margaret Howe

Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter, Developmental/Line Editor, & Writing Coach

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15-40 hours

hourly rate:  $65

Margaret Howe is an internationally produced playwright, copywriter, ghostwriter, and author driven by empathetic storytelling. She holds an MA in Playwriting and Screenwriting from City, University of London, and is a previous Edward Albee Fellow. Whether she’s developing website copy, writing promotional short films, or scribbling outlandish stories in the margins of her notebook, she follows one principle. Good stories capture attention. The best stories resonate. Margaret is a wordsmith fascinated by the human experience. Her goal is to listen, to learn, and to translate your ideas with creativity and empathy in mind. Don’t just grip your audience, compel them.


Margaret fosters her own narrative through travel, trips to the cinema, and by organizing local showcases to inspire new work from writers and musicians.


blog post | up to 500 words


featured portfolio items


Shallow Wells of Support

When your survival depends on the favor of much larger forces, the impact of slipping through the cracks is devastating. We applied for the second round of the Illinois Business Interruption Grant and have been informed we did not receive funds. Our initial reaction: “damn.” A disappointment, certainly. We realize many are desperate for assistance during this crisis. It’s understandable that systems would become overwhelmed and funds...


Somewhere to Be

As an outsider, it wooed me. I’m from Chicago, a failed expat who spent just under three years living in London. I wouldn’t say the city welcomed me with open arms; it just sort of batted its eye when I arrived and kept doing its thing. I respected it, though. It was freeing to exist in a city far too busy with itself to pay you any mind. A co-worker tipped me and my then boyfriend off to The Prince Charles Cinema. “The best cinema in London...



Every now and then I’m reminded that I’m haunted. I’ve said this fact out loud. Several times. I’ve used it to kill time at work, drunkenly declared it at parties, and admitted it to concerned friends during an odd happening or two. This is the first time I’ve written it. I’m nervous about that. There’s humoring your coworkers, and then there’s detailing your insanity on the internet. For that reason I won’t name my ghosts (I’m fairly certain I know...