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Jackson Bentele

Memoir Ghostwriter

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15-40 hours

hourly rate:  $65

Jackson Bentele writes screenplays, stories, film criticism, podcasts and comic books. Based in Los Angeles and a graduate of USC's Screenwriting program, he has worked in writers' rooms for high budget superhero sagas, mid-range horror-comedies, and start-up podcast companies (that would go on to be acquired by Spotify). His own work has been nominated for the Humanitas Student Drama Fellowship, and landed him on the Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilots list. As a ghostwriter working with your original material, Jackson values collaboration highly. His goal is to help you find the narrative sculpture imbedded within your life story, and to be the guide that brings it forward with all of its emotional integrity, thematic purpose, and human heart intact. There is a thin line between reality and fiction, but the possibilities are boundless. Nothing excites Jackson more than venturing into that untamed narrative wilderness in search of stories that deserve to be told.


When he's not writing, Jackson works as an outreach volunteer and co-chair for the SELAH Eagle Rock Homelessness Coalition, dreams about wanting to hike more, and reads eight books at a time in his favorite chair because it's definitely more efficient that way.




featured portfolio items


Acid Days

There was something made of sand, and it stood beneath an overturned sky. Wind buffeted this created thing and blew pieces of it free into oblivion. It decided to move, and it took shape from where there was once just indistinguishable noise. It emerged from the background and became a self, and soon enough you realized that self was you...


(Fiction Excerpt)

Devon found that his new school felt like a prison. But, like, a nice prison. One with a courtyard in its twisted brick heart where two trees towered over lunching pre-teens. In the shade is where the true teenagers sat, those so ready to depart for their next correctional facility, where they could smoke behind the gym instead of in...


The Florida Project & Disney’s Broken Circle

Look around in a crowd and it’s easy to feel both physically confined and personally alienated. Environments like Disneyland and Disney World, along with so many of the stories produced by the entertainment giant, strive to give us the illusion of being one happy, global family. This is not inherently insidious, but it’s time to accept that it’s not...