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Jack Salvatore

Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter, Developmental/Line Editor, & Writing Coach

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15-40 hours

hourly rate:  $65

Jack Salvatore is an author, screenwriter, ghostwriter and story editor based in Los Angeles. He’s pitched in writers’ rooms helmed by Emmy-winning showrunners and regularly contracts out to production companies and development pods to polish their original concepts into screen-worthy properties. In an effort to keep his USC Screenwriting Degree honed, he’s also spent every Sunday for over a decade devoted to his personal writers’ groups where he helps elevate working writers’ material in his off-hours. 


Jack’s most passionate about character and story; he believes impactful moments hit hardest when experienced through the eyes of a character whose hopes, fears and motivations are fully realized for the reader. His elephant memory, love of research and eye for detail will ensure no dot in your story goes unconnected and that your audience is living your journey with you, breath for breath. When he’s not playing detective in the hallways of his client’s memories, Jack loves to cook, travel and get yelled at by his Peloton instructor.


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Gentle lapping roused me from sleep like a freight train. As my eyes fluttered open, I was greeted by the usual dreadful sight: palm trees overhead, warm white sand under my skin, and a puddle of blue sunk in the center of all. I had long ago made peace with the fact that the shadows changed positions throughout the day, yet the source of sunlight would never be apparent. The sky was pitch black, just like any and all space just beyond the tropical...


Your Mother Called (Memoir Excerpt)

It was a beautiful, clear blue sky kind of day. Mornings like this always made me wonder if volunteering for the service to get away from my Mother was a good idea. On the one hand, the Vietnam Conflict had shown no signs of slowing for close to fifteen years by the time I joined up. On the other, well you’ve read my previous chapters, right? Either way, it was a tough call so I decided to let the Staff Sergeant finish his spiel before I made up my mind...


Iceland: Proposing by a Volcano (Travel Blog Excerpt)

For as many months as I’d taken to plan my proposal to Christine, I only had two hours to execute it. This became alarmingly real the second she went to go dump our stuff in the foyer of our rental house and I was alone by the car. I was using the brief moment of solitude to transfer the ring box from the boot in my luggage to my puffy jacket pocket when it hit me: I was going to have a fiancé in about ninety minutes, assuming she said yes...