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Need support in your academic writing? A great ghostwriter can help you assemble your research and knowledge into a cohesive draft for your research paper, thesis, journal articles, textbook writing, or other scholarly endeavors. That way, you can spend more time focusing on the work itself rather than how the words are arranged on the page.

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15-40 hours

Developmental/Line Editor, Writing Coach, & Academic Writer

hourly rate: $65

Tyler Jacobson is a ghostwriter, copyeditor, and writing coach based in Los Angeles. Trained in the Cultural Studies program at Claremont Graduate University, he prides himself on versatile, interdisciplinary writing. Previous projects have included supporting a dissertation on cosplay and identity, workshopping a conference presentation on the role of compassion in medical ethics, and critiquing the influence of genre expectations on scholarly production. No matter the topic, Tyler is able to get to the heart of a writer’s vision and ensure that their message is communicated clearly. He also carries a special love for projects that push disciplinary boundaries. When not writing, Tyler is also an accomplished acrobat, contortionist, pianist, and model. He is eager to help you express your own passions!

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Limited Hours

5-10 hours

Cheryl Laughlin

Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter, Developmental/Line Editor, & Academic Writer

hourly rate: $85

Cheryl Laughlin is an award-winning screenwriter, multi-genre copywriter, and memoir/nonfiction ghostwriter based in Northern California. She's wired for words and amp'd to tell your personal and business stories. She writes industry and personal columns for Script Magazine, Stage 32, and Women You Should Know, while her own memoir garnered Top 25 in Roadmap Authors Write Start Competition. Her client pitches have been picked up in national media such as USA Today, Nylon, Good Day Sacramento, Woman’s Day, and Woman’s World. Cheryl blends her collaborative work style to create impactful communications. Discover her Beautiful Mind techniques to uncover your story’s true voice and connect to universal themes that will resonate with readers and media alike. Work overview at

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