Book Ghostwriting

your story, captured forever in a book

Your legacy matters: hire a skilled writer to help you tell your story to the world. Whether you’re writing a memoir or a business book, capture your life story with one of our talented scribes. All of our professional ghostwriters have backgrounds in entertainment, and are empathetic creatives who are here to help you leave behind a true record of your achievements. 

Developmental & Line Editing Services

shape the clay of your story into a masterpiece

The art of writing is rewriting, but sometimes it can be hard to identify the weaknesses in your own work. Our editors are seasoned writers with experience in any format you need edited to perfection. 

Manuscript Proofreading Services


perfect proofreads, every time

Your writing is more effective when it's polished and proofread. Errors distract your readers from what you're trying to say, so don't give them an opportunity to write you off. Hire one of our expert proofreaders to imbue your words with the shine they deserve.


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