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The art of writing is rewriting, but sometimes it can be hard to identify the weaknesses in your own work. 

Our editors are seasoned writers with experience across many mediums, from fiction or non-fiction books to screenplays or any other format you need edited to perfection. 

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15-40 hours

Developmental/Line Editor, Writing Coach, & Academic Writer

hourly rate: $65

Tyler Jacobson is an editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach based in Los Angeles. He has a passion for analyzing the structure of projects, ensuring that they are both clear in their messaging as well as painless to create! Tyler prides himself on versatility and adaptability. His favorite part of editing is the planning stage, helping writers to refine their vision of what exactly they want to accomplish. However, he also brings a precise eye for tone to the later stages of revision. Whether you are pitching a conference presentation or trying to polish a dissertation, Tyler will find the heart of your vision and ensure that your message is communicated clearly.  When not writing, Tyler is also an accomplished acrobat, contortionist, pianist, and model. He is eager to help you express your own passions!


15-40 hours

Memoir Ghostwriter, Developmental/Line Editor, Writing Coach, & Academic Writer

hourly rate: $68

Ashley C. Lanuza is a ghostwriter, author, and editor. Her debut poetry collection, My Heart Of Rice, rose to the #1 bestseller list for Asian American literature on Amazon in its first week. With empathy and a red pen, Ashley edits to efficiently elevate the most inspirational work out there. She especially loves to help with stories that use introspection and vulnerability to persevere. She currently freelances as a Marketing and Revision Editor with New Degree Press. In her free time, Ashley enjoys traveling as often as possible (or when the pandemic permits)! When she isn’t writing or fulfilling her wanderlust, she loves spending time with friends and family, trying out new food, or going on hikes near the Pacific Palisades. Schedule a call with Ashley and share your message— she’s all ears.


15-40 hours

Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter, Developmental/Line Editor, & Academic Writer

hourly rate: $85

Cheryl Laughlin is an award-winning screenwriter, multi-genre copywriter, and memoir/nonfiction ghostwriter based in Northern California. She's wired for words and edits with an eye on keeping your voice front and center. Clients include business owners, startups, screenwriting contest winners, online publications, and a musician with bipolar. Her industry and personal columns appear in Script Magazine, Stage 32, and Women You Should Know—while her own memoir garnered Top 25 in Roadmap Author’s Write Start. And her pitches have landed in national media such as USA Today, Nylon, Good Day Sacramento, HuffPost, Woman’s Day, and Woman’s World. Cheryl blends a collaborative work style with an inquisitive nature and enjoys the thrill of tracking story threads, themes, and callbacks. Discover her Beautiful Mind techniques to uncover your story’s true voice—and universal themes that will resonate with readers and press alike. Let’s connect … and learn more together.

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15-40 hours

Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter, & Developmental/Line Editor

hourly rate: $75

Brian Rosenwinkel is a Chicago-based copywriter and ghostwriter who believes that successful copy shows the world who you are as a brand. His background in playwriting gives him a keen understanding of human emotion and storytelling, allowing him to make even the shortest copy compelling and creative. Brian enjoys balancing hard-sell advertising with more nuanced direct-to-consumer public relations content. He specializes in writing for the web, including blog posts, social media, and video scripts. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts with a degree in Dramatic Writing.

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