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The art of writing is rewriting, but sometimes it can be hard to identify the weaknesses in your own work. 

Our editors are seasoned writers with experience across many mediums, from fiction or non-fiction books to screenplays or any other format you need edited to perfection. 

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Memoir Ghostwriter, Developmental/Line Editor, & Writing Coach

Ashley has developed a healthy obsession with listening to stories, cultivated by years of reading both fictional and nonfictional. With empathy, a keyboard, and a red pen, she loves to write and edit her way to telling heartfelt stories that ask readers to experience, act, and reflect. Ashley edits for an independent publisher, writes for the interwebs, and has published her own poetry collection.

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Creative Copywriter, Developmental/Line Editor, & Writing Coach

Brian enjoys writing everything from technical articles to absurdist stage plays. Whether you're a small business or an inspiring individual, he seeks to use his creativity and humor to amplify your voice.  With a background in editing and dramatic writing, Brian's goal is to help you unlock the most authentic and engaging version of your story.

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