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hire a bio writer

Your bio is your first impression. 


It’s how potential clients, employers, or collaborators get to know you before they even meet you.


A great bio can mean the difference between landing a job, meeting your soulmate, having a cool opportunity come your way — or not.


Every person on the planet can find your profiles on LinkedIn or Google you. If you’ve got a rushed or boring bio, they’re going to keep on scrolling. But if you’ve got an engaging, witty bio, they’re more likely to hire you or want to meet you.

let a storyteller write your bio


Because our writers come from entertainment backgrounds, our process begins with story. We get to know you through a series of survey questions that you can type out or share answers to in a voice memo. Then, we formulate your bio in a way that attracts the kind of opportunities you're looking for.

bios for LinkedIn, Tinder, Instagram, resume, or anywhere else


You have a matter of seconds to communicate who you are and what you do better than anywhere else in the world. We'll match you with an expert writer who understands the different forms bios take: whether that's researching keywords in your niche for a LinkedIn bio or adding just the right amount of humor to your dating profile, we're here to help.

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Perfect your first impression: 


Margaret Howe is an internationally produced playwright, copywriter, ghostwriter, and author driven by empathetic storytelling. She holds an MA in Playwriting and Screenwriting from City, University of London, and is a previous Edward Albee Fellow.