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Q: What is a freelancer collective?

Kingdom of Ink is a collective of high-end freelance writers. Every writer in our collective receives the support and resources they need to do their best work for their clients. We keep quality high through internal mechanisms so that every experience you have with a Kingdom of Ink writer results in a powerful and polished finished product.


Q: How does it work?

Our writers are financially incentivized by our internal mutual aid mechanisms to deliver the best work of their careers — providing you with extraordinary quality at a high level. No project is too small to be done beautifully.


Q: How do I begin? 

Once you fill out our matching survey or find the writer that’s a perfect fit for you and your project, your writer will send you a link to our payment processing and contract platform Honeybook, where you can sign the project contract, make payments, and communicate with your freelancer. We make it easy: everything is in one place, so no need to dig through emails to find documents related to your project.


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