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Cheryl Laughlin

Creative Copywriter, Memoir Ghostwriter,  Developmental Editor, & Academic Writer

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Cheryl Laughlin is an award-winning screenwriter, multi-genre copywriter, and memoir/nonfiction ghostwriter based in Northern California. She's wired for words and amp'd to tell your personal and business stories. She writes industry and personal columns for Script Magazine, Stage 32, and Women You Should Know, while her own memoir garnered Top 25 in Roadmap Authors Write Start Competition. Her client pitches have been picked up in national media such as USA Today, Nylon, Good Day Sacramento, Woman’s Day, and Woman’s World. Cheryl blends her collaborative work style to create impactful communications. Discover her Beautiful Mind techniques to uncover your story’s true voice and connect to universal themes that will resonate with readers and media alike. Work overview at linkedin.com/in/cheryllaughlin/.

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Confessions of a Kindergarten Klepto

Kindergarten is hell. Well, maybe not recess and snacks and nap time. That is all awesome and amaze. No complaints there. To this day, I can time travel back to my cozy kindergarten cot by transmeditating with some animal crackers and lukewarm milk... and by transmeditating, I mean snarfing animal crackers head first after a proper dunking in the cream I keep around for coffee....

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The Long Way Round to Writing a Short Film

Most screenwriters find themselves in the word-expanding position of writing a short script into a fleshed out, feature-length script. You’ve written and possibly filmed a short that caught the attention of a producer who wants to take your story to the next level. So, you let loose and your characters can breathe deep for a full 100+ pages. But walking anomaly that I am....


A Year of Yes
[Shonda Rhimes Style]

I know what you’re thinking, “Umm, Cheryl, Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes came out in 2015. Eons ago in internet time. Plus it's the beginning of April." But when you find yourself immersed in what is now one of your fav books, all you wonder is, Why the heck didn’t I read this book sooner?  In my defense, Year of Yes has been on my Read This Now (aka When You Finally Freakin’ Slow Down) List. It truly feels like it just released....

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