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Kingdom of Ink is based in Los Angeles, CA, but freelancers from around the world are a part of our collective.


At Kingdom of Ink, we're creating an ecosystem where expert freelance writers can find opportunities, community, and support to create their best work and reach their highest creative potential. We believe in creating a white glove service for our clients, solving any and all writing needs with the highest-quality talent pool. Our clients choose Ink when they want a job done right, and freelancers choose us when they want to be a part of a community that supports and cares about them. 


When you join Kingdom of Ink, you're joining a movement of writers dedicated to providing community-driven support, accountability, and growth.

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Interested in applying to Kingdom of Ink? We’re looking for a select group of top-tier talent to become a part of our collective. Explore our openings below and fill out a general application.

Please note that all writers must go through the incubator program before being considered for other openings. Writers in the incubator program complete projects while being overseen by our writing industry experts. 


Freelance Copywriter (remote) 

Kingdom of Ink is looking for a copywriter to create blog posts and professional bios, provide proofreading/editing and other technical writing needs. Pay is $65/hour, and schedule and hours are flexible. We're looking for writers who are reliable, responsive, detail-oriented, and highly polished writers. This is a remote, freelance position.

The start date of this position is January 2022. Writers must go through our Kingdom of Ink “incubator” where they will work closely with Kingdom of Ink writers to learn the tools of freelancing, project management, and technical writing.

The time commitment for this position is project dependent and flexible, and on a project-by-project basis. Writers will have access to a job board where they can accept jobs and get feedback and guidance on their work. At the end of the incubation period, their work will be evaluated to see if it makes sense for them to join Kingdom of Ink as a writer on the website who is also eligible for our mutual aid system.

The Kingdom of Ink "Ink-u-Ship"

Here at Kingdom of Ink, we do internships a little differently. We'll work with you to develop the skills the freelancers who are in our collective learn as they become freelance writers. From creating your own website with a freelance portfolio to learning how to blog or network with like-minded creatives, we've created an internship that's all about cultivating skills in the context of creatives finding freedom in freelancing. During this program, you'll work with founders Kyle Cords and Amy Suto on developing your portfolio in alignment with your goals along with a small group of writers in our incubator/internship program. While the program is tailored to individuals, we touch on areas such as: Hollywood 2.0, building passive income streams, creating a killer portfolio and website, juggling creative projects with freelance work, and other areas related to creating a sustainable work/life balance for up-and-coming writers. 


Our Ink-u-Ship can be taken for optional college credit. We're looking for writers who want to build freelance careers of their own, particularly in the areas of memoir ghostwriting, copywriting, nonfiction book writing, academic writing, developmental editing, and other writing-focused areas of freelancing. We are currently not accepting internship applications.

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