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Amy Suto is a TV writer, published author, and memoir/nonfiction ghostwriter based in Los Angeles. She’s ghostwritten memoirs and nonfiction books for business coaches, former Olympians, Silicon Valley CEOs, and inspiring individuals all over the world. She is also co-authoring a poetry book with an organization that was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for their work in the poetry space, and writes personal essays for publications like The LA Times. In her memoir work, Amy blends her entertainment background and interview skills to get to the heart of your legacy. As a seasoned storyteller, she knows how to engage an audience and structure a book so that it can have the biggest impact. 

featured portfolio items


L.A. Affairs: How Pole Dancing Helped Me Come Out as Bisexual

I broke out in a cold sweat updating my Bumble profile in my new Mid-City apartment. My finger hovered over the “interested in” section, and with a quick exhale I tapped “women” and saved it with an internal scream. Here we go. I’m out. I had broken up with my boyfriend of nearly two years a month prior: My dating record up until this point was...


How Queen of the South Actress Idalia Valles Helped Me Overcome My Fear of Heights

When I asked Idalia to go bouldering with me for this article, I didn’t mention my crippling fear of heights and how I had never successfully scaled a rock wall in the past. In fact, I had actually gotten stuck on a rock wall in my childhood -- but I decided not to mention it, in hopes that maybe I could face my fear this time around...


thick skin.

no sooner do you cross your doorway than your feet curl out of those binding heels, tall and strappy like the ladder you climb daily. your toes sink into your rug — an off-white runner not yet discolored by feet trudging across it — and you nearly fall to your knees. or, you would, if you were not wearing a pencil skirt...


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